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Jewish Council of North Central Florida

The Jewish Council of North Central Florida

JCNCF is a Member of the Network of Independent Communities of the Jewish Federation of North America  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jewish Council of North Central Florida (JCNCF) is to undertake philanthropic, cultural, and educational activities that enhance the Jewish community locally, regionally, and worldwide.

What We Do

JCNCF serves as the umbrella organization for the varied Jewish communities of Gainesville, Ocala, and surrounding areas. We focus on fundraising and local programs.

Fundraising and Local Programs

  • Overseas giving to help Jews in Israel and around the world.
  • Local grants for Jewish community organizations.
  • Good Deeds Program, Yom Ha’Shoah Holocaust Remembrance programs and education, Israel Independence Day, Jewish Film Festival.
  • Shalom Baby, PJ Library, and programs for older adults.
  • The Chronicle newsletter published quarterly on-line.
Jewish Council of North Central Florida

About Us

JCNCF is part of the JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America) Network of Independent Communities, which links more than 150 Federations and 300 smaller Jewish communities across the United States. The Network represents more than 200,000 Jews who come together to care for the global Jewish people. JFNA helps those in need, rescues people in danger, and keeps Jewish life secure.

Through its relationship with JFNA, JCNCF joins a community that raises millions of dollars to help Jewish people everywhere. Each year, JCNCF is proud to raise funds on behalf of world Jewry and to support programs that enrich our North Central Florida community.

From young children in Israel to the elderly living in the former Soviet Union, to those in need in our own community, JCNCF is here to help!

JCNCF’s predecessor, the Gainesville Jewish Appeal (GJA), was founded in 1971. Its principal purpose was to raise money for Israel and world Jewry. In 2000, GJA became the Jewish Council of North Central Florida and expanded its mission to include local grants and community programs.

JCNCF continues to support Israel and world Jewry financially. JCNCF has engaged the community in fundraising for the Jaffa Institute and in raising emergency funds for Israel during international crises.

Locally, JCNCF provides grants to organizations such as area Hebrew schools and synagogues, Hillel, and the UF Center for Jewish Studies. JCNCF sponsors community events to commemorate and to celebrate, partners with area charities for our annual Mitzvah Day, and invests in our Jewish future through PJ Library.

Board Directors and Staff Officers

Jewish Council of North Central Florida

Debby Kinman-Ford President

Jewish Council of North Central Florida

Eytan Oren Vice President

Jewish Council of North Central Florida

Aly Anderson Secretary

Jewish Council of North Central Florida

Abe Goldman Treasurer 

Board Members

  • Steve Bobroff
  • Stuart Cohn
  • Joel Davis
  • Ashley Fieldman
  • Chani Goldman
  • Dawn Burgess-Krop
  • Nadav Katz
  • Dawn Burgess-Krop
  • Steven Slutsky
  • Avia Raz
  • Becca Schechter
  • Ruth Sherwood
  • Ken Wald
  • Rabbi Jonah Zinn


Linda E. Maurice
Executive Director

Jewish Council of North Central Florida

Cassidy Oody ​
Director of Community Engagement & Programs

Jewish Council of North Central Florida

Alicia Rudin
Family Programs Coordinator

Office Information